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New and information center (2013) the first period
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On January 8, 2012




The current politics news


A national teleconference on work of politics and law 7. General secretary of the CPC central committee and the central military commission President xi jinping has just do a good job under the new situation of politics and law made important instructions. He stressed that the organs of political science and law in the protection of the people to live and work in peace and contentment, economic and social development services, maintenance plays an important role in national security and social stability. Xi jinping, the national authorities to comply with the people of politics and law of public security, justice, rights and interests safeguard of new hope, efforts to promote peace in China, the rule of law, good team construction in China, we will deepen reform of the judicial system and mechanism.


Dragon township domain feeling


Jan. 5 in the afternoon, the mayor ChengGuoMin 75 executive meeting chaired by municipal government, discussions on the government work report (discussion). Meeting that is puyang development overall acceleration in 2012, obtained a breakthrough year. This year, the whole city to continue to carry out a "chong hasang" activities, adhere to the "4321" development ideas, big opportunity to seize the central plains economic zone construction, continue to seek progress, struggling to catch up, the main economic indicators, jumped, "235" the first step success, caught up with the entire province average level, the successful completion of the fifth session of the six National People's Congress (NPC) determine the target task. The meeting stressed that in the face of the complicated macro situation and increased competition in the area, the city economy we need to strengthen measures, in 2013 and for a time, puyang is based on a new starting point, to speed up to catch up with development important period, is also to speed up the transformation of the pattern of economic development, efforts to achieve "235" a crucial period for the second step to catch up with the target.


Chairman message


Do a good job in "2013" to describe a new decade

We have already entered in 2013. In the New Year, we should insist on more stable main production is not shaken, adhere to the production and benefit, for breakthrough, promoting development, and strive to achieve the stability of the resin products such as, high efficiency, high quality production, for the greater development power; We must unswervingly adhere to the high-quality sales service, adhere to the surrounding oil chemical industry development, expand product project, petroleum resin production implementation refinement, foreign cooperation projects to achieve scale, product varieties; We must unswervingly adhere to the talent enterprise development strategy, adhere to the introduction of high-end talent and strengthen staff training, the combination of reinforcement theory, optimize the structure, pays special attention to the business study, provide talent support for the sustained and healthy development of the production and business operation.

In the New Year, as long as the diligent study, scientific planning, exploiting, unity is strength, we will be able to achieve our goals, and create more brilliant!


The world 500 strong resolute don't 10 of 13 kinds of people (serial)


The appearance of ghost eerie, hurry, it is not good, because of the bad luck is that it "illegitimate".

The courts in the workplace "ghost", a day to night only know work, busy. Their gloomy seldom see a smile on his face. Bad mood spread to others. Terrorist "ghost"!

Scary, "ghost" lose strong body, everything is equal to zero. Ghost fear most happy people you may not change your job, but can change our mood, let it become happy. Working pressure is not depressed reason, more is not the reason why you become a "ghost". In order to effectively resolve them, happy work is the best medicine.


President calls


Affected by the decline in the economic situation, many private enterprise production and management difficulties. China's private enterprises summit in 2012, wahaha chairman and general manager Mr Zong said, now the poor investment environment of private enterprises, private enterprises tax burden is too heavy, regardless of the size of the enterprise, the project examination and approval red tape. He thinks, the social status of private enterprises is unfair, whether private or state-owned enterprises, enterprises in China should be "state-owned enterprises". Fair and equal status to encourage entrepreneurs have more enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, so you won't be "off", will put more money into the domestic, rather than to go abroad to do "second-class citizens". Alibaba chairman jack ma at the summit, said "we are not weeks skinned, we hope to contribute to society." Geely chairman li shufu said for the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprise can only be madeto. Zhejiang industrial and commercial bureau also released the latest corporation survival index, 2012 private economic climate index shows the development trend of the U clear, 60% of the private enterprise development environment is full of confidence in the next five years.


Social gossip


Custom around New Year's day

On New Year's day that day, you will see the German women perform power comedy. In many places women rushed into the city hall of the people's government in droves

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