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New and information center (2013), the third period
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On February 5, 2013


Top cover


The central file no. 1, 2013, "the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council on accelerating the development of modern agriculture and further enhance the vitality of rural development certain opinions" on January 31, no. 1 files focusing on "three agriculture" the tenth year in a row.

This year the central file no. 1 to 14 words summed up the work of agriculture and rural areas in 2013 goals: "for income livelihood, innovation energy", through a number of files, guarantee mechanism covers the supply of agricultural products, agricultural support protection system, agricultural production and operation system, agricultural socialization service mechanism, the rural collective property rights system, the rural public service and so on, from farmers' concern to the social hot spots, response file one by one.


Dragon township domain feeling


On February 1 to 2, vice secretary of provincial party committee Michael Dunne led office, provincial department of provincial party committee, provincial departments, province people club hall, deep city federation of trade unions of related comrade, came to the city a petrochemical plant, city zhongyuan cable factory and nursing homes, construction sites and some sympathy, hard worker, a model home send them New Year blessing. Party secretary period of xi, a standing committee of the municipal party committee and the secretary-general Shao Jingliang, standing committee deputy secretary, city federation of trade unions chairman Zhao Guojiang accompanied.


Oliver totally


The wisdom of the burn a pot of boiling water

A youth full of trouble to find a wise man, after graduating from college, he was inspiring to set up for himself a lot of goals, but a few years down, still nothing.

He find the wise, the wise are studying cottage by the river. A wise man smile and listened to the youth, said to him, "come, you help me to burn pot of boiling water first!"

Youth saw the corner stood a great kettle, is next to a small fire in the stove, but didn't find firewood, then go out and find.

He took some deadwood back outside, filled with a pot of water, on the hearth, put some wood is burned in the stove, but because the pot is too big, the bundle of sticks burned, didn't open water. Then he ran out and continue to find wood, the pot of water is cold when I come back. This time he was wiser, there is no rush to ignition, but again went out to find some wood, because wood is prepared, soon went to boil water.

A wise man suddenly asked him: "if there is not enough wood, how do you boil water?"

The young man thought for a moment, shook his head.

The wise man said: "in that case, just throw away the water in the kettle some!"

Young thoughtful nodded.

Wise man then said, "you ambitious at the beginning, setting too many goals, just like the big pot filled with too much water, but you don't have enough wood, so can't put the water to boil, to bring water to boil, you or poured some water, or to prepare wood first!"

Then it dawned on youth. Returning home, he put the goal to remove many of the listed in the plan, leaving only a few recent, at the same time, the use spare time to learn all kinds of professional knowledge. A few years later, his goal was achieved basically.

Only paring down, begin from the recent goals, will step by step to success. All the worries, only will fall by the wayside. In addition, we only pick up "wood" unceasingly, to make life continuously heating, finally let life boiling up.


The world 500 strong resolute don't 12 of 13 kinds of people (serial)


A reed growth on the wall, glance left and right, swing.

People never like swing his position, forever will only go along with others, especially when there is conflict within an enterprise, power over there they will fall to the side, and the flames; Once this honest defeat, and they will immediately fall to the other side.

Few people will be like the wind blows at both ends, no position held.

Success does not belong to have no definite view, more opportunity won't happen in the swing swing.

Like swing, swing, lost not just your point of view and position, and can make you outstanding opportunity!


First whiff


Twelfth, say again "off-year", was the day of the folk people.

It is said that the twelfth year, the kitchen god will leave the family to the jade emperor god of good and evil, the jade emperor rewards. So send foci, people in the kitchen as the console table in front of the king for candy, clear water, LiaoDou, stover; After three is for the king to mount preparation oven. When people, a kind of malt candy melt with fire, besmear in the mouth of god. In this way, he can't speak ill by the jade emperor. Folk have "male is not worship, female people not" custom, therefore people report, only to men.

In addition, the year of the evening, the king of oven with the gods to human New Year's day,

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