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New and information center (2013), fifth edition
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On March 4, 2013


Top cover


Beijing, March 4 (Reuters) twelve sessions at a meeting of the National People's Congress at the great hall of the people in Beijing held a press conference. The meeting will be opened on March 5, nearly 3000 representatives to attend the meeting of the National People's Congress. First session of the 12th CPPCC national committee has opened on March 3, 4, group discussion, the review of the CPPCC standing committee work report and proposal work report.


Dragon township domain feeling


Puyang area "two road and bridge" and other key projects construction

On February 28 morning, the intersection, chemical industry and who are all the way along with the construction, cracks, head of excavator start waving like to dig up the first shovel of soil, puyang district "two road and bridge" project construction at the same time. No salute, celebration, puyang district so "silent", the construction of the 2013 unfolds.

"Two road and bridge" of the first batch of construction projects are open state way delay, delay greentown road west, north bridge, who are road west dongqiao, is expected to invest nearly 300 million yuan. The remaining 52 items, including 33 9 infrastructure projects, public service projects, seven industry consolidation project, three village relocation project will be in accordance with the time node starts in succession. Puyang area of construction project investment of 14.8 billion yuan, 2013 years plan completed investment of 7 billion yuan.


Political argument


Create great labor glorious


The stressed that the party's 18 build labor glorious, create a great social atmosphere.

"Labor is glorious", is to continue to adhere to marxism basic value orientation. Labor is an important concept in marxist theoretical system, throughout the theoretical system of marxism. In the marxist view, labor is the essence of man, also determines the entire contents of the human society exists, but also the foundation of existing. Marx creatively put forward the labor theory of value, labor alienation phenomena of the capitalist society has carried on the profound criticism. Based on eliminating the phenomenon of labor alienation, Marx to communist society made such an important feature of scientific foresee - free association. Key sign of the free man's labor is no longer a slavery and means of exploitation of man by man, it first need to survival and development. Marxism in some extent is the liberation of knowledge workers. As long as adhere to marxism, therefore, we must insist on labor glorious.

"Labor is glorious", is to make a fortune to further emphasize. Fortune at the beginning of the reform and opening up greatly aroused the enthusiasm of people's labor, vigorously promote the process of our reform and opening up. Now, our country economy is the world's second, comprehensive strength rising fast. In this case, some people easily lose the original labor enthusiasm, get caught in a spiral of hedonism, the arduous struggle as outdated slogan, forget labor people's sacred responsibility and honor. So, high society will produce, affect the smooth realization of the goal to build a xiaokang society. So, must keep in mind the basic national conditions of our country does not change, basic task and no, labor is not only the first need, for us is a top priority.


Moral construction


Lei feng's spirit, never fade flag


On March 5, is to learn lei feng activities. Lei feng, the name written on hundreds of millions of people in the heart. The only through 22 years of life, through decades of great change of social life, the shape of countless Chinese mind world, bearing generations become ideal faith in the spirit of the monument. In the older generation of revolutionaries for comrade lei feng captioned 50th anniversary, vigorously carry forward the lei feng's spirit, continue to deepen development learn lei feng activities, will inspire people to yearn for the moral energy civilization, advocating progress, to build a well-off society in an all-round way into the strong spiritual power. "Lei feng spirit is not outdated", the conclusion, is the spirit of our times. Today, the spirit of lei feng's spirit is still living in the highlands, with beautiful expectations. Learn lei feng still has strong realistic meaning, time value. Love the party, love the motherland, love the socialism the lofty ideals and firm faith, dedication service people, help others, do a line loves a line, the single-minded line fine line of professionalism, forge ahead, with an unyielding spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, thrift, for today's China, lei feng's spirit is never fade flag, a shining beacon, guide us forward is a valuable spiritual wealth.


The kids


1, life is to make two friends, playground, library, Equipped with two doctors, sports, optimistic, two skill, good life, doing things; Eat more things, harm, suffering; Build two pillars, the humanities knowledge,

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