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In order to strengthen the management of pollutants discharge and environmental protection
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强迫受精In 2009, the company in the whole system to promote the environmental regulations on statistics, and the implementation of the regulation on administration of environmental monitoring, pollution monitoring, statistics and assessment is established three big system, compiled "China petroleum environment monitoring system construction plan", published "the prevention and control of water pollution emergency" level 3 "technical requirements" and "emergency" level 3 "water pollution prevention and control technical specification for facility management.


In recent years, the company formed a thick oil wastewater recycling boiler, refining wastewater recycling, drilling and underground work of clean production and ecological environment protection four categories of environmental protection new technology. In 2009, according to the characteristics of petrochemical enterprise pollutant sources released the accident situation of water pollution prevention and control technology requirements, and to focus on polluters 47 belonged to pollution reduction audit. In 2010, the pollution prevention and control technology, formed a relatively mature of power plant desulfurization, organic wastewater and recycle technique of refinery sewage depth processing.


Company also strengthened in the songhua river, the Yellow River, liaohe, link bohai sea area, and the three gorges reservoir area belongs to corporate governance monitoring water pollution. Summary of the Beijing Olympic air quality control working experience, the planning of the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and other key areas of oil and gas recovery technology renovation project.


In 2011, the company actively promote clean production, accelerate the ten big reduction projects, efforts to create an environment-friendly enterprises. Formulated the "pollution reduction of" twelfth five-year "plan, pollution reduction index decomposition to various enterprises, carry out pollution reduction data verification and on-site verification. Set up the oil, petrochemical two environmental monitoring substation and eight regional environmental monitoring center, basically formed a station, two RACES, eight regional center system of environmental monitoring, pollution reduction to further improve the monitoring ability.


In 2012, the company to accelerate the point reduction projects implementation, the implementation of the "twelfth five-year" pollution reduction implementation scheme, and various professional branch signed the goal responsibility of energy conservation and emissions reduction. Allocate funds totaled 1.08 billion yuan, focus on the implementation of sewage disposal upgraded regeneration flue gas desulfurization, catalytic cracking unit engineering 74 reduction projects. Organizations to carry out the special audit, pollution reduction emission reduction project progress and implementation of an enterprise which focus on emission reduction effect check, and check results. According to new regulations of the state of statistical caliber, calculated the pollution data and methods of pollution reduction into the management evaluation. Pollution sources on-line monitoring platform, to focus on waste water and exhaust gas pollution sources monitoring data real-time transmission, abnormal warning in time.

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